Live Healthy Tee & Hoodie Shoot

So I was scrolling through Facebook and I found this random pop up event in downtown and Asked Caleon if he wanted to check it out with me. We decided to make it an impromptu merch shoot too of the Live Healthy tee. Now we had no idea the theme was yellow, but looks like Sensei has some haki abilities to see into the future, 'cause he was prepared. Also, we are terrible at shuffleboard and would love to get better.

Angelia Can Fly

Angelicacanfly is an artist and dancer based in Los Angeles who reached out to me over a year ago to do a shoot, and a year later after moving to Los Angeles, we finally did! I'm glad I remembered to contact her after moving and even more glad she remembered me and was still up for it! We took some shots around the I-10 highway utilizing some of Koreatown's streets. For those of you familiar with the area, you know that this environment is very familiar. Always looking to do more outdoor portraits in Los Angeles, please reach out!

Izell Watkins

Yes yes, believe it or not but I have absolutely no past experience with studio photography! Barely learned what the thingy-majig that goes on top of the camera is called (trigger) and definitely can't explain how slaves work. But hey, with the little knowledge I have and with the help of the lady at the front desk, I'd say these came out pretty cool!!

Thanks to a past experience for the Durag Song music visual, I learned to shoot around F/8 to get the best detail and positioning of the strobes for various lighting. For the most part though, it was pure trial and error and as all my shoots go, I always have the "warm-up" period that leads up to the very satisfying results!

A big shoutout to Izell for believing in me and willing to let me learn the ropes while knocking out some of his headshots for an upcoming role he's doing. We will definitely be collaborating again in a near future.

15 minutes with Caleon Fox in Pershing Square

Caleon and I have reached a level of synergy where I can just shoot away and he'll keep posing, with little to no direction from me, and we always get icy snaps. It really speaks on our friendship and how comfortable we are with each other. By the way, we got all these gems in just 15 minutes of shooting, first time ever at this location. Not half bad.

The Payne Family

The Payne family reached out to me years back to take photos of their family and they turned out splendid - the charisma of their two boys brought the shoot to life with their goofiness. A few years later they now have a baby daughter who's absolutely adorable, and the boys are still as energetic as ever! This is the first time I shot at the egyptian museum in San Jose and I'm pretty happy with how they came out. Golden hour never disappoints!