Marciano Museum with Unique & Kiera

My girlfriend, Kiera and I, after a very overdue hang out, link up for all of our first time’s at the famous Marciano Museum, home of the Yayoi Kusama exhibit! The museum isn’t open to the public and requires tickets, which are free to reserve but get booked weeks in advance! After long last, we all were able to go, and as you can probably guess, we coordinated our outfits for this exact shoot. We went a tad late and didn’t have much time to explore the rest of the museum outside of the Kusama exhibit, but the photos came out super dope and unreal! Perhaps in a near future we’ll go again to see the remainder of what it has to offer.

However, it wasn’t so unfortunate we went so late because they allowed us to have unlimited time shooting at the exhibit, and best believe we were shooting for at least 30 minutes.

Zeno Robinson

This is my new friend Zeno! Started off as a normal shoot, but yo this man and I have a LOT in common. From listening to various japanese rock bands, loving arcades and even talking video games, we got a long right away! Definitely don’t sleep on him, he’s a very successful voice actor in the industry and you may have heard his voice before without realizing! Definitely more work to come with him in the future!

Chelsea Hayes of the Coaching Factory

My good friend Chelsea is an executive coach who professionally teaches various clients of all sorts how to be a better professional! She decided to start this project of doing short videos of her various teachings, all completely free on Instagram profile. She asked me to be a part of it to do some behind the scenes as well as some other fun photos, here is what we got! Check out her free coaching video below as well, I promise that you’ll learn at least one thing from it!

Simone Remington

When Simone and I first started planning our shoot, the beginning of our conversation started as - “Wait…your area code is 925!? I was born there!” and that’s when two people born and raised in the Bay connect, haha.

But going back toward the shoot, all we had was a day set and a general area we were meeting up at, but nothing really set in stone. Timing got kinda messed up, locations started changing and then the shoot almost didn’t happen. Luckily I persisted, and we figured out a place last minute.

As I was driving to this location, I took the wrong turn and went a route that I usually don’t go and ended up discovering a location I’ve never been, so we last minute switched it up to shoot there. And welp, here’s the end product and it ended up super legit!! It’s always the best when you spontaneously find locations and shoot on the fly. Definitely expect more from Simone and I!