Zac & Amy

I love each and every one of my clients, and nothing makes me happier than returning clients!

I took photos for Zac & Amy's family a couple years back and despite the long time apart, Zac had me in mind when he went searching for a wedding photographer!

The wedding was filled with great moments that I managed to catch throughout the day. It was a small yet intimate wedding with close family and friends in the comfort of their home. The DJ was rockin' classics all day, so the dance floor was never empty. 

Congratulations to Zac & Amy, more than honored to have the opportunity to shoot for you and your family once again!

Sobe and Vanessa's Wedding

One of my biggest weddings to date, this 3 day wedding was a wonderful experience! I previously did their engagement shoot at Santa Clara University and was more than happy to accept their offer to shoot their wedding later in the year.

It was a traditional Muslim wedding for the first two days at the last day was a reception at a hidden gem in Sunol called Nella Terra Cellars.

Here's a short compilation of the beautiful venue of Nella Terra, and congratulations to Sobe and Vanessa!

The Watermans' Wedding at San Francisco City Hall

It was very refreshing to be here once again after a good year or so not getting booked at this location! I always love revisiting old locations because I get to see actual evidence that my photography is improving and I get a chance to be even better than the times before!

I shot for the Watermans a few months back for their engagement and they had enjoyed the photos so much they gave me the pleasure of shooting their wedding day as well! It was a very hectic day for the bride and groom but that didn't stop the photos from turning out beautiful!


Dustin & Elaine's magical wedding at Carrville Inn Resort

Where do I begin with this unique and once in a lifetime experience..

Elaine is the elder sister of one of my best friends, and their mom reached out to me to be the photographer for the wedding. Originally I had imagined a typical, traditional wedding at a church somewhere in the Bay Area, nothing too crazy or unexpected - and this was far from that. Elaine and her fiance chose a location called Carrville Inn Resort, located in Coffee Creek, California - 6 hours north of San Francisco Bay Area. 

I was invited to stay for a total of 3 days, with only one of those days actually shooting while the remaining time I was encouraged to hang out with my best friend and her boyfriend, who also happens to be my best friend/brother/former housemate/former dancer/etc etc haha. I browsed at a few photos of the venue online and knew that it was in the middle of nowhere, and that was pretty much it. Upon arrival to the venue, however, I was blown away.

This 'inn' is more like a MANSION. It had countless rooms and bathrooms, all with their own unique style and furniture, all different themes. A bar downstairs, jukebox, massive kitchen, dining area, living room, patio, it goes on and on. The place was incredible. The surrounding area..also breathtaking. A large lawn area with a hammock and tree swing, a gated pool area, a farm with fresh eggs and livestock, a volleyball court...even a house nearby for even more rooms. The place was an escape from reality, a true fantasy. The internet was very sporadic as well, and I appreciated that a bunch because it allowed me to disconnect as well - something everyone should do every now and then.

The wedding itself was by far the shortest and sweetest I've ever experienced - about 10 minutes total - the dinner was fantastic, the cake was delicious (guava flavored!) and the reception was so fun (I ended up djing for the second half of the night). I've already said way too much, but in conclusion I want to say a big congratulations to Dustin and Elaine - this is by far one of my best work to date - and it was an honor to be not only your photographer but a guest to your amazing wedding!