Forgiato x John Geiger 001 Sneaker Lookbook

Honored to have been offered the opportunity to do one of my biggest projects yet, a full lookbook for brand new Forgiato 001 sneaker by John Geiger. Shot with familiar faces in the industry, such as Beija Velez, Steezus Christ, Free Hand Profit and Dro aka Big Narco. I'm still in shock that I was selected to be the main shooter and editor for this, and it has yet to hit me that it's really real!

The sneaker releases in limited quantities exclusively on at 7AM this Saturday, July 21st. Good luck if you're copping!

Snkr Inc x Fila Mindbreaker

Although I have yet to share any of my past work, I've been shooting for the next up and coming media outlet for sneaker culture Snkr Inc. Their creative director John Columbo is a really good old friend of mine and he reached out to me after I moved to Los Angeles to do some shots for them, and I've swung by ever now and then ever since. I'm really proud of what they've achieved so far, and even happier that I've been given the opportunity to contribute to their company.

Shortly after my return to Japan, John shared the huge huge news with me - he made his own sneaker with the legendary brand we all know, Fila!! Beyond excited for him, he also gave me the honor to shoot the lookbook for them with influencer Beija Velez.

Our main shoot locations were at Marina del Rey, since some of the shoe's concept was derived from a boat - and the remaining was at the Kaws BFF statue due to the matching colors. A huge congratulation to the guys over at Snkr Inc and my mans John for doing his thang.

Why I'm choosing Adidas BOOST

First and foremost, this will be my first news post unrelated to photography. Being that this is my personal website, it will not only contain my photography work but also any content that relate to myself - whether it be my interests, thoughts, passions and expertise. 

With that being said, I'd like to talk about one thing I'm really passionate about: shoes. And diving deeper, let's talk about why I'm completely sold to this Adidas hype, and for good reason.

Adidas NMD R1 Mesh Charcoal Grey, $120

Adidas NMD R1 Mesh Charcoal Grey, $120

I got my first pair of core black Ultra BOOST with the help of a good friend. Why did I purchase? Purely the amount of countless comments and conversations along the lines of "they're the most comfortable shoes [I've] ever worn!" and not to mention it's a clean silhouette.

When I first put them on, I immediately recognized how lightweight they were, yet frowned because I felt like the shoe was completely suffocating my foot. I was somewhat discouraged at this point, as this was nowhere near 'most comfortable'. It sat in the box for a few weeks after try on, as I didn't really feel like I'd ever like that squeezing feeling. 

However, since my job consists of a lot of standing for hours, I decided to try them out work. By the end of a 8 hour shift, I completely forgot the squeezing feeling in my foot. And more important, my feet felt fine..they felt...GOOD. They didn't hurt at all, or were sore for wearing shoes all day.

I wore them more and more. My foot molded into the knit, and before I knew it, I wore them...every. Single. Day. I was completely sold and utterly impressed. That's when I became a fan of BOOST.

Now another subject comes across..what are my thoughts on Adidas NMD? A sneaker that's targeted more for the urban traveler, designed for outfits of all kinds, and equipped with the desirable BOOST.

The side "pods" provide support for the shoe while conveniently complimenting the structure.

The side "pods" provide support for the shoe while conveniently complimenting the structure.

The NMD is a lot harder to obtain due to sneaker culture's supply and demand. There are two main types of NMD's - the mesh and the primeknit (PK). The PK is so difficult to find at a retail price, so unfortunately I had to settle with the mesh...which I STILL had to line up for.

The NMD doesn't come with an insole - which is very interesting - and a feeling I didn't like. But check this, they didn't even have my size available and unfortunately I had to completely size up..and it just so happened to work out in my favor. With these types of shoes, you want it to hug your foot and can practically be slipped on. Of course the size up didn't allow this, but out of curiosity I added one of my Dr Scholl's insoles and they suddenly fit BEAUTIFULLY, and felt so much better.

Back tabs feature Japanese katakana/French that say "The Brand with 3 Stripes"

Back tabs feature Japanese katakana/French that say "The Brand with 3 Stripes"


I don't really have any complaints about the mesh, other than it does feel slightly rough when my toes rub against it, but really nothing to be concerned about. The $120 price tag is definitely reasonable for these. Hopefully I'll obtain a pair of PK's soon so I can write up a comparison and if the $60 more really is worth it.

They seem heavier than ultra BOOSTs, but this doesn't necessarily make it a concern at all. Personally I like feeling very grounded, and by no means is this shoe heavy in the first place.

And last but not least, the style. It is quite a fantastic silhouette - sneakerheads and nonsneakerheads cannot deny such simplicity and cleanliness of the shoe. They can definitely pair well with a hoodie, a flannel, and's so versatile, and exactly what I need in my rotation. And they're so comfortable! As an avid traveler and explorer, these NMDs will definitely be brought on every trip I embark.

Overall, adidas is killing it with these fantastic releases and designs that offers both style AND comfort. And no, adidas isn't going to ever replace Nike - but they're reaching a level where they can stand side by side. And they did it with pure originality innovation.