Mac Ayres returns to Union for another SOLD OUT show!

Within just a mere 3 months, Mac Ayres returns to the historic Los Angeles venue and performs in the Disco Room, which is over 6 times the size of the previous Jewel's Room he performed in, and STILL sold it out. This should make his talent very clear and straightforward, and do yourself a favor and check out his music - you'll thank me later.

Yung Gravy Show in LA featuring Caleon Fox

Potatoes were served with gravy on this night at Union with Caleon Fox and Yung Gravy. The tour had two stops in California, both in SF and in LA and gravy asked Caleon if he could come through and open. As you know, sensei brought maximum health to the crowd and got them all jumping, moshing, and having a great time despite majority of them not knowing who he was.

Shoutouts to the gravy train for letting effohhexx tag along and rock with y'all! Please enjoy a collection of my favorites from the night!

Caleon Fox's debut show at Complex Oakland

Finally, the sensei himself performs live. Not only is it his first official live performance, but he is the main act, the show itself...Caleon Fox at Complex Oakland! Almost all of Effohhexx came out for home in the Bay Area on October 20th to make history. 

And boy, did we sure make it. 

For Caleon, the night  couldn't have been more perfect. With all his friends and immediate family present, we all showed our love and support to see our brother get one step closer to his dream, to reach the skies.

The crowd was the best supporters you could ask for. As per Caleon's request, several people had potatoes to sign. Dressed in tiny glasses and retro clothing. Even prior to the main performance, everyone was dancing all night long. And of course as you can guess, sensei kills his set from start to finish...with a song that NOBODY HAS EVER HEARD OF (official release coming 10/26).

Here's a collective of my favorite shots from the evening. On behalf of Effohh we appreciate every single person in the crowd for giving us the absolute healthiest time with not a single bit of swag. We are on the way to something great...keep living healthy with us and remember, we to the skies.

Complex Dance Competition 2016

It's almost been a month since I've posted - but don't worry - I'm still here! My day job caught up with me a lot and haven't been able to shoot as much, aside from my gigs, but I had the honor of shooting for Complex this year again and decided to use the 85mm instead of the 35mm and I'm really happy with the results! Here's a collection of my favorites.