Caleon Fox's debut show at Complex Oakland

Finally, the sensei himself performs live. Not only is it his first official live performance, but he is the main act, the show itself...Caleon Fox at Complex Oakland! Almost all of Effohhexx came out for home in the Bay Area on October 20th to make history. 

And boy, did we sure make it. 

For Caleon, the night  couldn't have been more perfect. With all his friends and immediate family present, we all showed our love and support to see our brother get one step closer to his dream, to reach the skies.

The crowd was the best supporters you could ask for. As per Caleon's request, several people had potatoes to sign. Dressed in tiny glasses and retro clothing. Even prior to the main performance, everyone was dancing all night long. And of course as you can guess, sensei kills his set from start to finish...with a song that NOBODY HAS EVER HEARD OF (official release coming 10/26).

Here's a collective of my favorite shots from the evening. On behalf of Effohh we appreciate every single person in the crowd for giving us the absolute healthiest time with not a single bit of swag. We are on the way to something great...keep living healthy with us and remember, we to the skies.

A story behind 'In A Dream Challenge'

This is basically how it goes. Caleon, Gypstie, June and I all linked up to hang out - June wanted to film a video for the new Jay-Z album. Alright bet. We get to Berkeley to meet with June, we park the car, and Caleon, Gypstie and I eat the lunch we bought earlier. Caleon was in an old Kanye Mood, so those old tracks were currently playing.

As a song ended, I asked to take over - then told June directly - hey, I think you guy should dance to this. It's feel good type of music, a catchy beat, easy to understand lyrics and basically makes you want to dance. I play the track - it's Lisa Lisa's I Wonder If I Take You Home. I love this era of music, since I used to be a bboy.

Anywho, the track played, and without any further words, June and Caleon got out of the car and we filmed, just one take, an amazing video of just dancing, laughter, and fun. We continue the day, walking to the spot where June wants to film his Jay-Z video. That gets done. Also in one take. Then we start walking back to Telegraph when Caleon gets the idea of filming a walking video just like June's 'Return of the Mack' video. I pick a song that was first introduced by my coworker 'In A Dream'. Again, we film this - one take - and the clip is just pure gold.

And there you have it. There's no secret behind it. We're literally just filming how we hang out. Be yourself everyone. :) 

The original In A Dream video

The Durag Song Behind the Scenes

Once again, Caleon Fox brings us another incredible music visual for his newest song, 'The Durag Song'. He teaches us how a piece of cloth wrapped on your cranium can motivate your life itself. I only was able to come to the studio parts of the video, but we got a dope shoot in after we finished filming - and it just so happened to be my first time using strobes - and I can say I look forward to using em again!