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Geraldine Veras

Better late than never [this shoot was back in August], but this is a good friend of mine named Geraldine, whom I've known for a while now, and we met through dance! She's super dope and down to earth and has been supportive of my photography for as long as I've known her! During my moving to LA promotion, she finally reached out to work together to do some photos for fun, so we did! These were taken in San Francisco near the Presidio on a rare warm summer day.

Time to catch up

It's been a little over 4 weeks since I've moved to Los Angeles, and if I could describe it so far, it's been very busy! Transitioning to a new job, home, and environment, there's been some expected and unexpected culture shocks! I've been neglecting my website lately - but now that I've finally caught up to my work and feel pretty settled at my new place - I can get back to posting here!

Please check back weekly for my latest work and what I'm up to. A lot can happen each and every day here and I can't help but be excited for what's in store for the future! 

What's to come:

  • Effohhexx behind the scenes and sneak peeks
  • Commissioned gigs
  • Adventures and exploring
  • More lifestyle
  • Random photos

If you or anyone you know is looking to do some creative work and you're based in Los Angeles, please reach out as well. I'm always looking to do more!

Here are some shots of my last time in San Francisco before I left.

A day in SF with just a camera and a skateboard.

On this day I was not scheduled to work and I was itching to shoot - I contacted several people to see if anyone wanted to come out and take photos, but unfortunately no one was available. It was almost 4PM and it was getting a bit too late to go out to the City, but I told myself, I've always wanted to do this - take Bart, get off and skate around, taking photos of whatever you see interesting.

And that's what I did. It started with the Financial District, and I set myself a destination and allowed plenty of time for photo taking of landmarks. My first destination was Quickly's in Chinatown, which I had last remembered sold milk tea for just $1.50 . Unfortunately, they had changed their price to the average $2.50-3...ahh such a disappointment. I continued to explore and found myself in the very steep hills, and then eventually Coit Tower. Kept walking around and found a hidden trail within the neighborhood which seems to have been built for dog walking, it was super nice. Definitely bookmarked it for a future shoot.

Eventually got back to street level and got hungry - grabbed a cheesesteak sandwich and wrapped up the night taking a long exposure of the Transamerica Building before I got kicked out by some cops for blocking a street sign, since I was crouching right in front of a "No U-Turn" warning in a street island.

Highly recommend anyone taking a small solo adventure! It was definitely dope and something I'll do again one day. Lately I've been editing my photos to look like they were shot from instant cameras, definitely trying to explore more in depth with presets and be outside commercial style for once.

The Watermans' Wedding at San Francisco City Hall

It was very refreshing to be here once again after a good year or so not getting booked at this location! I always love revisiting old locations because I get to see actual evidence that my photography is improving and I get a chance to be even better than the times before!

I shot for the Watermans a few months back for their engagement and they had enjoyed the photos so much they gave me the pleasure of shooting their wedding day as well! It was a very hectic day for the bride and groom but that didn't stop the photos from turning out beautiful!


Featured on with Monique and Matthew Dutton!

Monique and Matthew Dutton - two amazing clients that I also proudly call my friends - are one of the few individuals that I have worked with for multiple occasions, and for good reason.

I loved photographing their story and seeing their love blossom, from being engaged to newly-wed and post honeymoon. Their immense support for my art and creativity allowed me to capture some of my best work which has even reached recognition in major wedding websites, including what's mentioned in this post :)

I can't thank Monique and Matthew enough for choosing me to capture their lifelong memories - we share a beautiful and unique connection that I simply call harmony. 

Now I'm just waiting for them to ask me to take some baby shower photos, haha! 

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