SacAnime 2016

The con squad and I had so much fun at Fanime this year that we decided to hit up Sacramento's very own SacAnime for the very first time! 

The scale of the event definitely isn't at the same level of San Jose's anime convention, but still brought a lot of awesome fellow anime lovers and fans. I still saw a good handful of quality cosplays that I tried my best to capture, but was pretty limited as the event space wasn't nearly enough to handle the amount of audience it brought.

I just finished watching Assassination Classroom so I was super obsessed and determined to find some cosplays of it. It's not as popular in America as it is in Japan, but managed to find two solid cosplays! I told them it was the first anime that ever made me shed a tear, and they said a ton of people were saying the same thing - guess I'm not alone!

Here's a recap of the weekend!