Beija at Venice Beach

During the shoot for the Fila x Snkr Inc Mindbreaker, Beija also wore a dope Nike fit that we did a shoot with at the famous Venice Beach basketball courts - my first time being and shooting there. The colors she put together in her fit really complimented well with the tones of the courts, making this shoot very pleasing to shoot and post process.

This shoot also encouraged me to do some brush retouches, which I rarely do, and I remembered a while back that I met another photographer who consistently did brush retouches and used a tablet as his main form of editing. What this further led to was my very first purchase of a tablet! I'm excited to see where that will take my photography editing. 

Beija and I got along really well throughout the day and I'm happy to say that this day's collaboration is definitely the start of a great friendship! Stay tuned for more to come.

Richie Martinez

Another overdue post, but this is one of my best friends Richie Martinez. Although we are very familiar with this Supreme x Nas Tee by now, as well as the other FW 17 tees, this shoot wasn't just a simple pick up fit. This was shot on August 2nd.  Supreme released these tees August 24th. That's right - EARLY. Richie always surprises me with his crazy pick ups and he definitely had me shocked with this one. This shoot was featured by the infamous JPreme and went viral on his account before Supreme had his posts removed for copyright.