Lil Kim at the Reserve

Yes, one of the first Lil's, the OG, the legendary Lil Kim! She made a last minute guest appearance during Lil Bank, Big Bank party and  brought probably one of the biggest entourages I've seen at the club. Also she's super short.

Various events at Union Nightclub

Very long overdue - like the rest of the posts on my site - after Caleon performed with Yung Gravy, I reached out to one of the staff of Union Nightclub asking if they ever needed a resident photographer. To my excitement, they were more than happy to take me in and have me work some of their busier nights, and this gallery consists of some of my favorites!

I have a lot of nightlife event experience (over 5 years to be exact) but what I love about Union is it's not always a "club event". In fact, it's mostly concerts/shows with literally every genre - ranging from house, hip hop mcs, r&b singers, and even metal. 

Here's a collection of some of the crazier nights - Circoloco and Space Yacht with Krewella!