music visual

Bubbly Music Visual BTS

Behind the scenes of Caleon Fox's music visual "Bubbly" ! Watch the video below as well!

Behind the scenes of 'Max Mode'

Max Mode was a dope shoot. It was filmed inside a space themed escape room, perfect for the story behind the video. It was a long but productive day, definitely some gold moments captured both photos and videos. Also, we had Jersey Mike's Subs for lunch - it was good. CHARGE ME UP!

Semi Cinematic Behind the Scenes

The long awaited Semi Cinematic Music Visual is finally here! Sensei has been previewing and teasing the song for several months now, but after Effohh finally settled into our new Los Angeles residence, we began our week long shoot for Semi Cinematic. Vila, the man usually behind the camera, was out nearly all day throughout the week so June got to brush up his videography with Caleon as the director. LA was awesome to shoot, there's SO many dope spots in just a short drive away..only thing is there's SO many cars on the road! It was tough to just shoot multiple takes with all the traffic passing by. As always, I shot a handful of behind the scenes photos. Enjoy!

Watch the music visual below!

And here's a video of some behind the scenes too!

The Durag Song Behind the Scenes

Once again, Caleon Fox brings us another incredible music visual for his newest song, 'The Durag Song'. He teaches us how a piece of cloth wrapped on your cranium can motivate your life itself. I only was able to come to the studio parts of the video, but we got a dope shoot in after we finished filming - and it just so happened to be my first time using strobes - and I can say I look forward to using em again!