long exposure

A flight over Downtown LA

Ever since I moved here 3 months ago (wow time has really flown) I knew I had to bust out Wing Zero (aka my Mavic Pro) for a flight, especially since I'm so close to beaches and urban metropolis, unlike when I was living at home, where all there was to fly over was neighborhoods, parks, and plain fields. Well, a lot of procrastination got involved and I finally got myself to dust off the propellers and take flight. It was smooth and got some really great shots of the Staples Center and the freeway! There was a lot of air traffic though so I got to think it through a bit more next time flying in this area haha.

A day in SF with just a camera and a skateboard.

On this day I was not scheduled to work and I was itching to shoot - I contacted several people to see if anyone wanted to come out and take photos, but unfortunately no one was available. It was almost 4PM and it was getting a bit too late to go out to the City, but I told myself, I've always wanted to do this - take Bart, get off and skate around, taking photos of whatever you see interesting.

And that's what I did. It started with the Financial District, and I set myself a destination and allowed plenty of time for photo taking of landmarks. My first destination was Quickly's in Chinatown, which I had last remembered sold milk tea for just $1.50 . Unfortunately, they had changed their price to the average $2.50-3...ahh such a disappointment. I continued to explore and found myself in the very steep hills, and then eventually Coit Tower. Kept walking around and found a hidden trail within the neighborhood which seems to have been built for dog walking, it was super nice. Definitely bookmarked it for a future shoot.

Eventually got back to street level and got hungry - grabbed a cheesesteak sandwich and wrapped up the night taking a long exposure of the Transamerica Building before I got kicked out by some cops for blocking a street sign, since I was crouching right in front of a "No U-Turn" warning in a street island.

Highly recommend anyone taking a small solo adventure! It was definitely dope and something I'll do again one day. Lately I've been editing my photos to look like they were shot from instant cameras, definitely trying to explore more in depth with presets and be outside commercial style for once.

Long Exposure at the Alameda County Fair

I lived in Pleasanton for almost two decades now, and one of my most important childhood memories lie at the fair. Everyone I've met who have no clue where Pleasanton is and what's there, I mentioned the fair - works every time.

It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember, and growing up going every year it's easy to say 'it's boring' or 'there's nothing to do there' but I've come to truly appreciate its annual visit and the few weeks where Pleasanton is actually a place to be in the Bay Area. 

Nevertheless, ever since I got into photography I always wanted to shoot long exposure here with all the rides and lights, but never got the opportunity until finally this year. It was a very relaxing night with great friends and the shots came out satisfying. Until next time, Alameda County Fair!