kiera please

HYPLAND's newest collection with Kiera Please

On the same day of our quick IKEA shoot, Kiera recently took modeled for HYPLAND’s newest release, their Hunter x Hunter collaboration and was given majority of collection for her to wear. Given that HxH is one of her favorite anime, she wanted to do some more looks with the clothes, styled in her own way. We only did two looks - as this day also consisted of the Beyonce inspired look and the Kida the explorer at IKEA shoot - but still really happy with what we shot. Check em out!

An impromptu shoot at IKEA with Kiera Please

On this day, Kiera and I got together after a super long time not shooting together and powered out five different looks in various locations! We decided our last spot would be IKEA, and all I thought was was sets we could use for free, lol. Surprisingly, it turned out suuuper dope and we were both really happy how they came out! We only briefly shot around, but expect us to be back here at more spots for some actual shoots. Surprisingly the workers didn’t mind at all - they looked at us but didn’t say a single word. Shoutout to IKEA!

Kiera Please Infinite Merch Shoot

In celebration of Kiera Please and Tofu Jack’s Infinite EP release, they are selling hoodies to keep you warm during the winter (while listening to the project)! Kiera’s voice is one of a kind and with Tofu Jack’s instrumentals to match have a melodic and hypnotic feel, with my favorite songs Change Your Life and Space Song. Grab a hoodie on her website and check out the ep!

Anime Expo 2018

My very first Anime Expo ever! I have been wanting to go to this event for years, and now that I live about 8 minutes from the venue, there was no excuse! Unfortunately there was a crazy heat wave going on in LA during that weekend (from literally the moment the convention started 'till it ended) but it didn't stop us from having a great time. We also shot a fun video that you can watch below. We'll definitely be back for round two!

Behind the scenes of 'Reel it In' Proper Version

A small collection of shots from Caleon Fox’s ‘Reel it In’ Proper Version and Remix. Watch the video below!