Anime Japan 2018

Yup, that's read correctly...Anime JAPAN! As straightforward as this name may sound, this is one of the meccas for fans of anime around the whole world, a whole 152,000 of them! And I'm definitely not exaggerating with that statement either - we saw a bunch of tourists at the convention while walking around.

This would be my second year attending, as my first was back in 2016 and I had the time of my life! I could hardly believe what I was seeing, especially coming from what I'm used to in the Bay Area, which would be Fanime in San Jose.

This convention mostly focuses on new anime for the Spring/Summer season, both brand new releases or announcing highly anticipated sequels! I recall my first Anime Japan when they first introduced Boku no Hero Academia - it's been quite a journey since then! 

Here's a brief recap of the con, as I was mostly immersed into the activities and of course freebies!

Tokyo Spring 2018 Part 7

At long last, the final set from my Tokyo Spring 2018 trip. It’s composed of the post Anime Japan convention festivities at Odaiba, then Tokyo Midtown and lastly Shinjuku garden.

Thanks for keeping up with all the photos, hope you enjoyed!

Tokyo Spring 2018 Part 6

At this point I’m unsure of what the days are anymore, so now it’ll just be segmented into parts haha - I’m super super close to finishing these photos.

Anywho, this set consists of another hanami garden where I got a lot of still water reflection shots, then later on we have photos of yozakura at Meguro River - one of my favorite spots of the entire trip.

I definitely threw in a lot of my meal photos in this set as well, missing it all.

I really need to go back already! 😫

Tokyo Spring 2018 Day 3 & 4

I know it's been FOREVER since this trip and this post is super long overdue, but here they are. I spent one of those days mostly at the Shinjuku Gyoen Park, a very famous spot for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) and got some beautiful flicks of sakuras and the people enjoying them. The next set of photos features more popular hanami spots - Sumida Park and the Imperial Temple. As you can see it was super crowded with tourists, but it didn't stop me from getting that shot! I ended that evening with one of the best meals I had in my life, an udon shop called Maruka at Jimbocho area and then went to a yozakura (nighttime cherry blossom viewing) called Rikugien Garden.

Tokyo Spring 2018 Day 2

For the second day in Tokyo, we spent our time at the Tsukiji Fish Market, Ueno Park, Asakusa, and then ended the evening at Akihabara.