The Payne Family

The Payne family reached out to me years back to take photos of their family and they turned out splendid - the charisma of their two boys brought the shoot to life with their goofiness. A few years later they now have a baby daughter who's absolutely adorable, and the boys are still as energetic as ever! This is the first time I shot at the egyptian museum in San Jose and I'm pretty happy with how they came out. Golden hour never disappoints!

The Zades Family

Gigi, a former dance teammate of mine, reached out to me a few weeks back and asked me if I could take her family photos since her grandmother was visiting. Of course I was more than happy to and of course, we made it happen.

Although it was the park down the street, it was a great spot to take photos and the sun was shining very brightly for some great lens flaring. The Zades are definitely a fun family too, everyone was very charismatic and you can see plenty of personality in the photos. Had a great time with this one!