Elliot and Christine

Elliot is my good friend, my work 'twin' - and when I mean twin, we literally have so much in common, including both being sneakerheads, photographers, both into cars, and etc etc. With that being said, it was funny when he first went about having me be his engagement photographer without even looking at my work, for some reason he just felt that I'd do good work. Of course I felt a lot of pressure, knowing his long history of wedding photography, but I knew I'd have a great time, and of course I was right. They were very natural, as majority of the shots were candids and hardly posed, I was so surprised he told me that it was the first time for both of them to be in front of the camera. A huge congratulations to these two, so happy that their shoot was successful and beautiful!

The Watermans Engagement

San Jose is extremely underrated with their photoshoot locations..it truly is what you make out of it.

Although I'm not from San Jose, I treat it like my second home and I definitely feel like it deserves more recognition. Next time you shoot, give it a shot - you can even personally message me and I'll let you know my favorite spots. Nevertheless, enjoy this collection of the engagement of The Watermans, and stay posted for their wedding photos coming soon!

Another beautiful Palace of Fine Arts Engagement!

Estacia and her fiancé had their photos taken for their engagement at the Palace of Fine Arts, always a great location for some romantic photos. This local, historical landmark seems like you're somewhere in Greece or Rome, but you're actually still in San Francisco, haha. Enjoy.


Nothing makes me happier than a pleased client! :)