Grady & Danielle

Grady was an old co-worker of mine and I remember we got along right away due to our mutual interest in photography and our sarcastic humor with each other. I always love doing shoots with old friends because it gives you the opportunity to catch up as well - I feel like I've already said this before but had to mention it again.

I got to meet his girlfriend Danielle, whom he talks so fondly of, and learned that she broke his nose several times (on accident). I've come to a conclusion that Grady is very, very fragile. Nevertheless, the photos came out beautiful and luckily Grady did not sustain an injury.

Steve & Danika

I'm sure you guys remember that I did a little giveaway for those who took the time to visit my website and make a booking, but if you don't...scroll down a bit! Haha.

But yes, I am fulfilling all three of lucky winners' prizes and the first to claim hers was Danika! We have been friends for quite a few years now and she is big supporter of my photography, as I am with her own (Check her out, Danika Briggs Photography)

Anywho, she brought along her boyfriend Steve and we had a quick little 30 minute shoot that produced amazing shots! It was also ironic that the location she chose was a place I shot one of my VERY first photoshoots ever back in 2010/2011 I believe. Amazing to think how far I've come. Hope you all like the photos!