Natasha Estevez - first winner to claim her free photoshoot!

Natasha was one of the two lucky participants to be chosen for my free shoot, and we whipped up something spontaneous and casual that ended up looking awesome! She told me all her other shoots were very formal and dressed up and wanted to go for a more laid back look. I think we definitely achieved it! Here's my favorites from the set - enjoy! 1 Year Anniversary


Most people are probably here for the free shoot*, so here's the rules. If you scroll down and read my short write up, I'll appreciate you too :)

- The contest will be held via Facebook or Instagram

- For Facebook, please "like" and tag 3 friends to the contest post in order to enter

- For Instagram, please "like", tag 3 friends and follow @PhillipSzeto / @P.Szeto to enter

- You may enter both social platforms to double your entry

- The shoot will be 30 minutes long, informal portraits, SF Bay Area ONLY!

- (2) winners will be chosen via randomizer

- Winners must schedule their shoot within the next 60 days or it will expire!

- Thank you & good luck!

* Travel fees such as parking, fuel and toll will apply with distance over 30 miles


Every photographer should have a website, but to actually make one - and I mean a really really nice one - not only is designing and building is difficult, but finding all your work and organizing it is the the most tedious, time consuming, and frustrating thing. 

I went back and forth trying to find inspiration, giving myself deadlines to launch (but never met), but eventually with the right amount of motivation and free time, I released PHILLIPSZETO.COM - which funny enough, started as, because I actually did make an attempt to create a website with one of my best friends, but it was through wordpress, one of the most complex and un-intuitive experiences I've ever had, and whaddyah know, godaddy still had that domain name despite my website being unused for years. 

In short, I'm extremely happy with my website's design, navigation, organization and overall look. I was even asked if I could sell the website html (& I kindly declined). What I'm disappointed in myself is, the amount of time I've neglected it, and how I told myself I'd try to post once a week but now I'm posting once or twice a month, with little to no conversation.

Facebook reminded me today that it has been one year since I've made the epic Facebook post of my site's release, and I decided to give back to everyone who's been supporting my journey with another free photoshoot contest. I'm a whole year better photographer, and I'm looking to continue improving my craft.

I've also updated all the galleries with new photos, please enjoy a collection of my favorite photos since its last update!


Contest Winners!

The 3 winners of my website contest are:

• Josh Veloria

• Phoebe Racca

 • Danika Briggs

Congratulations! I'll follow up with you guys in detail later, my wi-fi is very sporadic out in Japan so bear with me. Thank you everyone else for participating, I will follow up with you with a special price as well!

I really wish I could post photos of the trip so far but our wi-fi can't handle the large upload sizes. You can follow the adventure on my Instagram or Snapchat, both @PhillipSzeto .

The best way to reach me right now is by contacting me here.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!