The best pickups during All Star Weekend LA 2018

It was quite a blessing to live in Los Angeles during the return of All Star Weekend at the City of Angels, and I'm sure you already know that everywhere had things going down. Out of all of our choices of events, parties and other fun activities, 747 Warehouse St by adidas caught my eye.

They executed the event quite well in my opinion, and the exclusivity was certainly there. In order to get a ticket for the event, it wasn't something you could simply buy a ticket for - you had to either win them through a raffle via email or purchase an adidas shoe at select retailers. At the event had many opportunities to experience, including musical performances, shoe raffles as well as customization and experiences.

I was lucky enough to receive tickets for Day 1, Friday, with the purchase of a shoe and then later managed to win a Day 2, Saturday, which guaranteed my entry for the full festival. When the weekend finally arrived, it was exactly what I expected it to be. A full stage with big artists such as Childish Gambino, N.E.R.D. , Kid Cudi (who surprised everyone and brought out Kanye) and many more - who have a relationship with adidas. I also got to meet Alexander Wang and even saw James Harden walking by.

There was a cool factory experience as well that showcased the breakdown and origin of their various shoe models, a t-shirt printing service, even special invitations to design your own shoe. But lastly, the reason people really went for, was the sneaker raffles. They were all automated through a NFC chip inside your wristband and you enter each raffle on their machines designated at a location. Some of the exclusives you could win include Bape Dame 4's, Yeezy Blush 500's, Alexander Wangs, Futurecraft 4D and more. I came without the expectation of any wins - moreas the experience and performances - but boy was I surprised. I got away with Parley Mid Ultraboost, Yeezy Blush 500's, and of the sneaker pictured below:

Pharrell Ambition Crazy Lvl 1 BYW (Boost Your Wear) Friends & Family Exclusive.

Only 200 pairs made.

How did I win these?

Throughout the event, there were little side experiences going on in the schedule, and one of them was named " #TLKS " which featured a panel of big celebrities and influencers in the industry, which headlined none other than Pharrell Williams. My best friend was very intrigued by it, so I said you know what, why not. We waited in line for an hour prior to the discussion and thus, we were let in. However, a little surprise awaited us before entering the stands: a mystery raffle. We all entered the raffle with no expectations, but you know, why not.

The discussion was interesting to say the least, but as it concluded, next thing you know I receive a text notifying me I won the mystery raffle. I was in shock. I had NO CLUE what I won. I must say, the thrill was unlike any other sneaker raffle I've ever done. To this day, I still can't believe I own such a rare and exclusive item - thank you adidas and Pharrell.

The second shoe shown, which most people should know by now, are the Tinker 3's. After attending 747 Warehouse St on Friday and Saturday, a link was floating around of a free concert held by Jumpman, featuring Travis Scott. Without question, I managed to successfully register with my friends and I. As you would expect, the concert was amazing. And guess what? They dropped the Tinker 3's months early via Snapchat.

It was one of the dopest weekends. Thanks Los Angeles.