Beija and Simone - our first shoot of 2019!

Much more to come from the three of us. We’ve all made a pact to keep the content coming! Definitely one of those spontaneous, go with the flow type shoots that ended up perfectly working out.

It was a lightly overcast day which resulted in the natural softbox-like natural lighting, and in the general area not only did we use the beautiful and clean white walls but also found some colored gates that matched Simone’s outfit PERFECTLY. An incredible start to the year, I’m pretty proud of these and also very proud of Simone for her significant growth since our last shoot!!

World on Wheels with Effohhexx & friends

During my first week of work, I remember passing by World on Wheels on the way back home and brought it up to the yeam as an outing suggestion one night. Caleon and I talked about Golden Skate often - a local roller rink in the Bay Area - and we always wanted to hang out there (and maybe shoot a music visual there) but unfortunately it never happened.

Fast forward to a week or two after, Meech's mom was visiting LA and he invited us and a bunch of other friends to all meet her and go skating! Naturally, we were down. This was my first time with quads on, so half the time I was concentrating on not eating crap while taking photos. Proud to say I didn't fall once! 

Michelle Kessler

For as long as I've known Michelle, she was already an established international model, constantly traveling to Hong Kong to be featured in multiple commercial work. I'm certainly proud of her past accomplishments and have always supported her from the beginning, and I was definitely honored when she reached out to do a shoot with me while she was in town! Here are some of my favorites from our casual little portrait session!