Anime Expo 2018

My very first Anime Expo ever! I have been wanting to go to this event for years, and now that I live about 8 minutes from the venue, there was no excuse! Unfortunately there was a crazy heat wave going on in LA during that weekend (from literally the moment the convention started 'till it ended) but it didn't stop us from having a great time. We also shot a fun video that you can watch below. We'll definitely be back for round two!

Anime Japan 2018

Yup, that's read correctly...Anime JAPAN! As straightforward as this name may sound, this is one of the meccas for fans of anime around the whole world, a whole 152,000 of them! And I'm definitely not exaggerating with that statement either - we saw a bunch of tourists at the convention while walking around.

This would be my second year attending, as my first was back in 2016 and I had the time of my life! I could hardly believe what I was seeing, especially coming from what I'm used to in the Bay Area, which would be Fanime in San Jose.

This convention mostly focuses on new anime for the Spring/Summer season, both brand new releases or announcing highly anticipated sequels! I recall my first Anime Japan when they first introduced Boku no Hero Academia - it's been quite a journey since then! 

Here's a brief recap of the con, as I was mostly immersed into the activities and of course freebies!

Mac Ayres returns to Union for another SOLD OUT show!

Within just a mere 3 months, Mac Ayres returns to the historic Los Angeles venue and performs in the Disco Room, which is over 6 times the size of the previous Jewel's Room he performed in, and STILL sold it out. This should make his talent very clear and straightforward, and do yourself a favor and check out his music - you'll thank me later.

Mac Ayres and Sylvan Lacue at Union Nightclub

A collection of Mac Ayres, Sylvan Lacue and their friends on two separate nights. So dope witnessing such a loyal fanbase in a very intimate setting. Never listened to either of their music prior to the shows, but I definitely took a peek afterward. Union never fails to introduce me to new, great music!

Various events at Union Nightclub

Very long overdue - like the rest of the posts on my site - after Caleon performed with Yung Gravy, I reached out to one of the staff of Union Nightclub asking if they ever needed a resident photographer. To my excitement, they were more than happy to take me in and have me work some of their busier nights, and this gallery consists of some of my favorites!

I have a lot of nightlife event experience (over 5 years to be exact) but what I love about Union is it's not always a "club event". In fact, it's mostly concerts/shows with literally every genre - ranging from house, hip hop mcs, r&b singers, and even metal. 

Here's a collection of some of the crazier nights - Circoloco and Space Yacht with Krewella!