Caleon Fox in LA Chinatown

Some of my favorite photos from the iconic photoshoot with Caleon Fox in Los Angeles Chinatown! Some of these images may look familiar on some promotional flyers or articles, and are now engraced in effohhexx history! Here's some other unseen favorites from the day. 

Living my anime dreams by seeing Kimi no Na wa in real life

With a bunch of extra time during my two week trip in Tokyo, I decided to do some research and found a perfect adventure to go on - see the real life locations of the incredible anime film, Kimi no Na wa, also known as Your Name. 

Being a long time fan of anime and manga culture (one of the main reasons a trip to Japan is always and forever worth) this experience was too legit. It felt nice to do a project, it's been so long since I've done any type of guidelines haha.

I did my very best to edit the photos as close as possible to the actual movie, and unfortunately I only brought two lenses on this trip so a few of the shots have a perspective that isn't completely accurate. Nonetheless, I'm really happy how this turned out and very excited to share with you all!

Let me know how I did and I hope this inspires you to check it out on your own one day! Huge shoutout to Tofugu and this amazing post that I used to guide me throughout the entire project.

A flight over Downtown LA

Ever since I moved here 3 months ago (wow time has really flown) I knew I had to bust out Wing Zero (aka my Mavic Pro) for a flight, especially since I'm so close to beaches and urban metropolis, unlike when I was living at home, where all there was to fly over was neighborhoods, parks, and plain fields. Well, a lot of procrastination got involved and I finally got myself to dust off the propellers and take flight. It was smooth and got some really great shots of the Staples Center and the freeway! There was a lot of air traffic though so I got to think it through a bit more next time flying in this area haha.