Caleon Fox's debut show at Complex Oakland

Finally, the sensei himself performs live. Not only is it his first official live performance, but he is the main act, the show itself...Caleon Fox at Complex Oakland! Almost all of Effohhexx came out for home in the Bay Area on October 20th to make history. 

And boy, did we sure make it. 

For Caleon, the night  couldn't have been more perfect. With all his friends and immediate family present, we all showed our love and support to see our brother get one step closer to his dream, to reach the skies.

The crowd was the best supporters you could ask for. As per Caleon's request, several people had potatoes to sign. Dressed in tiny glasses and retro clothing. Even prior to the main performance, everyone was dancing all night long. And of course as you can guess, sensei kills his set from start to finish...with a song that NOBODY HAS EVER HEARD OF (official release coming 10/26).

Here's a collective of my favorite shots from the evening. On behalf of Effohh we appreciate every single person in the crowd for giving us the absolute healthiest time with not a single bit of swag. We are on the way to something great...keep living healthy with us and remember, we to the skies.

SacAnime 2016

The con squad and I had so much fun at Fanime this year that we decided to hit up Sacramento's very own SacAnime for the very first time! 

The scale of the event definitely isn't at the same level of San Jose's anime convention, but still brought a lot of awesome fellow anime lovers and fans. I still saw a good handful of quality cosplays that I tried my best to capture, but was pretty limited as the event space wasn't nearly enough to handle the amount of audience it brought.

I just finished watching Assassination Classroom so I was super obsessed and determined to find some cosplays of it. It's not as popular in America as it is in Japan, but managed to find two solid cosplays! I told them it was the first anime that ever made me shed a tear, and they said a ton of people were saying the same thing - guess I'm not alone!

Here's a recap of the weekend!

Endo Lyfe Pop-Up in Berkeley

* As all you may or may not know, for the past 2 years I've been a photographer/marketing director/product curator for Mac Lyfe Co., a vintage luxury company.

This past Sunday our friends the Endorphins in Berkeley collaborated with us and opened up a pop up shop! Throughout the evening we showcased our various bags and pieces and talked about the latest in fashion and sneakers. We also held a $5 raffle for a vintage Polo duffel and YSL duffel. Stay on the lookout for this location...you might see a bright future coming soon.

Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival

From staying up all night and leaving at 4:30AM, being stuck in traffic, parking a mile away from the venue and waiting an hour or so for a 2 minute tethered balloon ride - but at a total of $20 spent - it was definitely a first time experience well spent.

Hot air balloons are such an easy subject to capture and is a treat for any photographer. Very glad my friends were down to go, regardless of the extremely early hour. Although we were all practically dead the rest of the day, we had a blast!

Some of the quality cosplays at Fanime 2016

I've attended Fanime a handful of times and it seems to get bigger and bigger every year it occurs - this time around, I decided to take some photos of some well done cosplays that I personally recognized! A lot of these individuals put in a lot of hours of work to become their favorite character for the day, such an amazing commitment for something you love. One day I'll be joining in too!