Michelle Kessler

For as long as I've known Michelle, she was already an established international model, constantly traveling to Hong Kong to be featured in multiple commercial work. I'm certainly proud of her past accomplishments and have always supported her from the beginning, and I was definitely honored when she reached out to do a shoot with me while she was in town! Here are some of my favorites from our casual little portrait session!

An evening with Caleon Fox

Before you peep out this collection, I want you to please watch this video.

Caleon and I first met at a work social event and we first approached each other because we both danced and felt inclined to introduce ourselves. As we were talking, I had that odd subconscious feeling that I already knew him - and turns out, I sort of did..through one of his viral Twitter videos. 

We ended up linking up a few times and in this particular time, we produced some great shots just for fun around the city with his homie David, as he shot his next Q&A video.

Please enjoy this collection of the potato loving, no swag, livin' healthy uncle Caleon Fox. Check out his Youtube as well - he's not only an entertainer but a music artist as well. Live healthy!