behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of 'Reel it In' Proper Version

A small collection of shots from Caleon Fox’s ‘Reel it In’ Proper Version and Remix. Watch the video below!

Behind the scenes of 'Max Mode'

Max Mode was a dope shoot. It was filmed inside a space themed escape room, perfect for the story behind the video. It was a long but productive day, definitely some gold moments captured both photos and videos. Also, we had Jersey Mike's Subs for lunch - it was good. CHARGE ME UP!

Studio session with Caleon Fox & The Wavys

The grind don't stop! Took some behind the scenes of another great recording session with The Wavys. Testing out some direct flash techniques and edits. It's crazy how fast music is created and produced *hint hint*.

Caleon Fox's Performance at Blurry Vision Fest

2018 has been quite a year so far for effohhexx, and what a way to celebrate the halfway point - as well as yours truly's exact birth date - with the debut of my brother Caleon's first festival.

Blurry Vision was produced by the one and only Golden Voice, and during the development and seeking talent for line up, they discovered Caleon when he opened up a show in San Francisco back in the wintertime. Caleon is still very new to performing live but his one of a kind sound and energy drew their attention and grasped this opportunity. All of us are still in shock for him to be less than a year's worth of experience performing live to be on a lineup alongside SZA, Brockhampton and other various artists. 

I have a good handful of other photos to go through, but I wanted to prioritize the performance photos first so I could share them as soon as possible. More to add to this story, but I will tell you that Caleon really brought the energy and we really got the crowd JUMPIN'. No exaggeration. And even crazier, most of the songs he performed were from his unreleased ep. Meaning that no one in the crowd has heard the songs before. 

Thanks everyone who came out to watch, and if you're not already keeping up with us, I suggest you's only going up from here. To the skies.

Yung Gravy Show in LA featuring Caleon Fox

Potatoes were served with gravy on this night at Union with Caleon Fox and Yung Gravy. The tour had two stops in California, both in SF and in LA and gravy asked Caleon if he could come through and open. As you know, sensei brought maximum health to the crowd and got them all jumping, moshing, and having a great time despite majority of them not knowing who he was.

Shoutouts to the gravy train for letting effohhexx tag along and rock with y'all! Please enjoy a collection of my favorites from the night!