Izell Watkins

Yes yes, believe it or not but I have absolutely no past experience with studio photography! Barely learned what the thingy-majig that goes on top of the camera is called (trigger) and definitely can't explain how slaves work. But hey, with the little knowledge I have and with the help of the lady at the front desk, I'd say these came out pretty cool!!

Thanks to a past experience for the Durag Song music visual, I learned to shoot around F/8 to get the best detail and positioning of the strobes for various lighting. For the most part though, it was pure trial and error and as all my shoots go, I always have the "warm-up" period that leads up to the very satisfying results!

A big shoutout to Izell for believing in me and willing to let me learn the ropes while knocking out some of his headshots for an upcoming role he's doing. We will definitely be collaborating again in a near future.