Day 3 in Kyoto and Osaka (Pt 2)

One of the most famous destinations in all of Japan would have to be the Fushimi Inari shrine, decorated with thousands of tori gates - an iconic structure that even has its own emoji! Definitely a great place to take some portraits which we took advantage of.

The street food was also amazing while we walked toward the shrine - I wish I brought more yen with me to buy them all to try!

We caught the train at sunset to head over to Osaka, which turned out to be a completely different city than Kyoto. Instead of traditional architecture, clothing and food, Osaka consists of a huge metropolis filled with bright lights, signs, modern architecture and young people. It somewhat reminded me of New York City and its atmosphere.

We visited a few stores and had more street food as well in Osaka and enjoyed its busy nightlife ambience.