Mike and Brittany

Back in September I held an Instagram contest for a free photoshoot and the participation was awesome! Many were great, supportive friends of mine and I could only wonder who would get picked of them all.

Turns out my old childhood friend Mike Olsen was chosen by random, and he decided to have his shoot with his wife Brittany. Mike still lives in my hometown so it was super casual and easy to meet up and do a quick shoot. 

I love shooting with old friends because not only do I get to produce images with them but I also get some time to catch up and fill each other in with the years we haven't seen each other. Mike has always been the Star Wars fan for as long as I remember, and with that being said, I had to ask if that is still going strong - why did I even ask? Of course it was.

Mike and Brittany are a great and fun couple and I loved doing a mini shoot with them. Congrats again Mike and glad you enjoy your photos!