If Only You Knew Shoot

Just as explained in my Instagram post below, here are my favorite photos - or outtakes, I should say - from the 30 minute shoot for If Only You Knew, in celebration of its release today. You definitely can get a lot of shots in a short amount of time, don't ever doubt that! The ep is available now on all streaming platforms and iTunes, enjoy!

Forgiato x John Geiger 001 Sneaker Lookbook

Honored to have been offered the opportunity to do one of my biggest projects yet, a full lookbook for brand new Forgiato 001 sneaker by John Geiger. Shot with familiar faces in the industry, such as Beija Velez, Steezus Christ, Free Hand Profit and Dro aka Big Narco. I'm still in shock that I was selected to be the main shooter and editor for this, and it has yet to hit me that it's really real!

The sneaker releases in limited quantities exclusively on Forgiato.com at 7AM this Saturday, July 21st. Good luck if you're copping!

Studio session with Caleon Fox & The Wavys

The grind don't stop! Took some behind the scenes of another great recording session with The Wavys. Testing out some direct flash techniques and edits. It's crazy how fast music is created and produced *hint hint*.

Mac Ayres and Sylvan Lacue at Union Nightclub

A collection of Mac Ayres, Sylvan Lacue and their friends on two separate nights. So dope witnessing such a loyal fanbase in a very intimate setting. Never listened to either of their music prior to the shows, but I definitely took a peek afterward. Union never fails to introduce me to new, great music!

Various events at Union Nightclub

Very long overdue - like the rest of the posts on my site - after Caleon performed with Yung Gravy, I reached out to one of the staff of Union Nightclub asking if they ever needed a resident photographer. To my excitement, they were more than happy to take me in and have me work some of their busier nights, and this gallery consists of some of my favorites!

I have a lot of nightlife event experience (over 5 years to be exact) but what I love about Union is it's not always a "club event". In fact, it's mostly concerts/shows with literally every genre - ranging from house, hip hop mcs, r&b singers, and even metal. 

Here's a collection of some of the crazier nights - Circoloco and Space Yacht with Krewella!