Caleon Fox's Performance at Blurry Vision Fest

2018 has been quite a year so far for effohhexx, and what a way to celebrate the halfway point - as well as yours truly's exact birth date - with the debut of my brother Caleon's first festival.

Blurry Vision was produced by the one and only Golden Voice, and during the development and seeking talent for line up, they discovered Caleon when he opened up a show in San Francisco back in the wintertime. Caleon is still very new to performing live but his one of a kind sound and energy drew their attention and grasped this opportunity. All of us are still in shock for him to be less than a year's worth of experience performing live to be on a lineup alongside SZA, Brockhampton and other various artists. 

I have a good handful of other photos to go through, but I wanted to prioritize the performance photos first so I could share them as soon as possible. More to add to this story, but I will tell you that Caleon really brought the energy and we really got the crowd JUMPIN'. No exaggeration. And even crazier, most of the songs he performed were from his unreleased ep. Meaning that no one in the crowd has heard the songs before. 

Thanks everyone who came out to watch, and if you're not already keeping up with us, I suggest you's only going up from here. To the skies.

Snkr Inc x Fila Mindbreaker

Although I have yet to share any of my past work, I've been shooting for the next up and coming media outlet for sneaker culture Snkr Inc. Their creative director John Columbo is a really good old friend of mine and he reached out to me after I moved to Los Angeles to do some shots for them, and I've swung by ever now and then ever since. I'm really proud of what they've achieved so far, and even happier that I've been given the opportunity to contribute to their company.

Shortly after my return to Japan, John shared the huge huge news with me - he made his own sneaker with the legendary brand we all know, Fila!! Beyond excited for him, he also gave me the honor to shoot the lookbook for them with influencer Beija Velez.

Our main shoot locations were at Marina del Rey, since some of the shoe's concept was derived from a boat - and the remaining was at the Kaws BFF statue due to the matching colors. A huge congratulation to the guys over at Snkr Inc and my mans John for doing his thang.

Living my anime dreams by seeing Kimi no Na wa in real life

With a bunch of extra time during my two week trip in Tokyo, I decided to do some research and found a perfect adventure to go on - see the real life locations of the incredible anime film, Kimi no Na wa, also known as Your Name. 

Being a long time fan of anime and manga culture (one of the main reasons a trip to Japan is always and forever worth) this experience was too legit. It felt nice to do a project, it's been so long since I've done any type of guidelines haha.

I did my very best to edit the photos as close as possible to the actual movie, and unfortunately I only brought two lenses on this trip so a few of the shots have a perspective that isn't completely accurate. Nonetheless, I'm really happy how this turned out and very excited to share with you all!

Let me know how I did and I hope this inspires you to check it out on your own one day! Huge shoutout to Tofugu and this amazing post that I used to guide me throughout the entire project.

Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi

As some of you may or may not know, this is my second visit to Japan - the first one was actually during the grand opening of this very website (shoutout to all the day 1's!) and the very first posts on here were from that trip. Fast forward 2 years later (where has all the time gone...) I make my comeback trip, and I gave it a bit more justice than the mere 4 days I was here last time to a whopping TWO weeks! I also spent my entire time here in Tokyo, because the city is so vast and so busy that you couldn't possibly knock it out within just a few days.

There are plenty of photos to come - don't worry - but to start off a huge spam of posts (you have been warned!) I wanted to share one of my favorite sakura spots I found in Tokyo during the hanami season, a true blessing to witness.

Found in the Roppongi district, cherry blossom trees surround a central park and around the streets, making a gorgeous photo that can be taken on a bridge. Lots of people come out to walk their pets or see the views and have picnics under the trees - this activity is called hanami, which means flower viewing. However, this spot shines much brighter (quite literally) at night, where the lights illuminate the cherry blossoms and change colors, and bring out arguably an even bigger crowd during the evening - known as yozakura, which means flower viewing at night. Enjoy some snaps I took both in the daytime and evening, as I traveled to this exact same spot twice in the same day, to take these one of a kind photos!