Living my anime dreams by seeing Kimi no Na wa in real life

With a bunch of extra time during my two week trip in Tokyo, I decided to do some research and found a perfect adventure to go on - see the real life locations of the incredible anime film, Kimi no Na wa, also known as Your Name. 

Being a long time fan of anime and manga culture (one of the main reasons a trip to Japan is always and forever worth) this experience was too legit. It felt nice to do a project, it's been so long since I've done any type of guidelines haha.

I did my very best to edit the photos as close as possible to the actual movie, and unfortunately I only brought two lenses on this trip so a few of the shots have a perspective that isn't completely accurate. Nonetheless, I'm really happy how this turned out and very excited to share with you all!

Let me know how I did and I hope this inspires you to check it out on your own one day! Huge shoutout to Tofugu and this amazing post that I used to guide me throughout the entire project.

Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi

As some of you may or may not know, this is my second visit to Japan - the first one was actually during the grand opening of this very website (shoutout to all the day 1's!) and the very first posts on here were from that trip. Fast forward 2 years later (where has all the time gone...) I make my comeback trip, and I gave it a bit more justice than the mere 4 days I was here last time to a whopping TWO weeks! I also spent my entire time here in Tokyo, because the city is so vast and so busy that you couldn't possibly knock it out within just a few days.

There are plenty of photos to come - don't worry - but to start off a huge spam of posts (you have been warned!) I wanted to share one of my favorite sakura spots I found in Tokyo during the hanami season, a true blessing to witness.

Found in the Roppongi district, cherry blossom trees surround a central park and around the streets, making a gorgeous photo that can be taken on a bridge. Lots of people come out to walk their pets or see the views and have picnics under the trees - this activity is called hanami, which means flower viewing. However, this spot shines much brighter (quite literally) at night, where the lights illuminate the cherry blossoms and change colors, and bring out arguably an even bigger crowd during the evening - known as yozakura, which means flower viewing at night. Enjoy some snaps I took both in the daytime and evening, as I traveled to this exact same spot twice in the same day, to take these one of a kind photos!

Caleon Fox performing at his first festival in Oakland!!


This year has been endless blessings since it's started, and I'm proud to say that my brother Caleon is going to be performing at his first festival Blurry Vision Fest in the BAY AREA! He will be performing on Saturday alongside headliners SZA, Brockhampton and more!! 

Tickets go on sale on their site 3/1 at 10AM so make sure to grab a ticket to witness history!!

P.S. It's also a cherry on top the fact that he performs on my birthday! Gonna be wild for my 25th!

Angelia Can Fly

Angelicacanfly is an artist and dancer based in Los Angeles who reached out to me over a year ago to do a shoot, and a year later after moving to Los Angeles, we finally did! I'm glad I remembered to contact her after moving and even more glad she remembered me and was still up for it! We took some shots around the I-10 highway utilizing some of Koreatown's streets. For those of you familiar with the area, you know that this environment is very familiar. Always looking to do more outdoor portraits in Los Angeles, please reach out!