Recreating Nike's "Street SNKRS"

As a frequent shopper on Nike’s SNKRS app, I’ve been loving the lifestyle advertising, especially with their new Street SNKRS campaign they’ve been running.

Just to quickly elaborate, the SNKRS app is Nike’s shopping app where users can purchase popular styles of shoes, and its design is very similar to the up and down scrolling, straight-to-the-point style app just like Instagram.

It originally was simply a webstore, but has slightly become a tool of marketing as well, as there are occasional posts that talk about behind the idea of certain sneakers, commercials, event recaps and more. One particular campaign that I’ve really enjoyed seeing was Street SNKRS, which their team of photographers walk around popular cities across the country and photograph people wearing sneakers that were purchased on the app.

The use of organic, raw street photography is an amazing way to market these popular styles to us consumers, and I personally love seeing the various styles of fashion paired with the shoes as well as how differently people dress in different areas.

With that being said, this is a quick little shoot I did with one of my good friends Bardia and his friend Shawn, taken in the alleys of Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles, CA. More of this to come!

Bodega x New Balance "No Bad Days" 997S

In its second rendition, Bodega’s super dope creative designer Drew brought back the New Balance 997S silhouette, from the OG “No Days Off” to the “No Bad Days”. Unfortunately I was unable to attempt to cop the No Days Off, but I definitely put in my full effort for the No Bad Days. Although I wasn’t directly lucky myself, my girlfriend was able to score and bought them for me - huge shoutout to her (yes she’s a keeper!).

At pick up, I took a couple quick flicks and put them on straight to foot. Right away, the shoe is a very snug fit and has great functionality. The materials have a mixture of both suede, leather, canvas, and a jeweled logo, with bold colors to mix. The sneaker is nothing but retro! I definitely went out of my comfort zone adding this to my collection, but it’s easily in my top 10.

Also, my flicks made it on StockXSneakers Instagram, big thanks to John Colombo for passing them along - more work on their page in the future!

A special shoutout to my homie Tommy, the man behind majority of Bodega’s photography - this one’s for you brother!

Body Bag Music Video feat. Ricky Remedy, Smokepurpp & Zay27 presented by Dim Mak

Huge shoutout to the homie Tragik for bringing me out to this dope shoot! Got the opportunity to document the making of Body Bag, filmed at Los Angeles clothing boutique Freak City LA, popular venue of many other videos. A lot of colors and lighting definitely made these photos pop. Proud to say that the thumbnail for the official music video is one of my shots! Also shout outs to Dim Mak for utilizing my photos as well and allowing me to shoot. Down below is a gallery of my favorite flicks from the set!

If Relationships were like the NBA

Funny story with this shoot, I was invited by my amazing friend Adam aka thevideoboy to come through to a skit he was filming to be an extra, but brought my camera just in case to see if there would be any opportunity to take some behind the scenes. Everything ended up working out perfectly as not only did my non-existent dreams of ‘acting’ became a reality (you’ll see me in the party scene and the wedding scene) but I got an opportunity to take some shots throughout the remainder of the shoot! This was a whole bunch of fun and I was happy to be a part of it. Check out my photos and the final video below!

Marciano Museum with Unique & Kiera

My girlfriend, Kiera and I, after a very overdue hang out, link up for all of our first time’s at the famous Marciano Museum, home of the Yayoi Kusama exhibit! The museum isn’t open to the public and requires tickets, which are free to reserve but get booked weeks in advance! After long last, we all were able to go, and as you can probably guess, we coordinated our outfits for this exact shoot. We went a tad late and didn’t have much time to explore the rest of the museum outside of the Kusama exhibit, but the photos came out super dope and unreal! Perhaps in a near future we’ll go again to see the remainder of what it has to offer.

However, it wasn’t so unfortunate we went so late because they allowed us to have unlimited time shooting at the exhibit, and best believe we were shooting for at least 30 minutes.